Estadero la Tatacoa is located in an unique place, right in front of the labyrinthine landscape, with rocks from the red to the martian color, from the Labyrinths of Cusco.

It is a perfect place to contemplate, from a hammock, the universe of stars that the sky offers. In another time this region was under the sea reason why it contains numerous fossils of the Miocene.

Diana will show you, with passion, the collection of fossils that the desert gave to her after many years of childhood lived in the desert. The family of Oscar and Diana has traditionally been dedicated to raising goats, roosters and chickens, with which they make exquisite dishes.

At 4 km from the Estadero is the viewpoint of Ventanas, which can be reached using rentable bicycles.

La Tatacoa Desert

5 hours from the city of Bogota, one hour from the capital of the department of Huila, Neiva, and 15 minutes from the municipality of Villavieja, is one of the most striking landscape of the Colombian geography: the Tatacoa Desert.

It consists of 330 Km2 of an ocher, orange and red terrain formed by ravines and storaques, fundamentally.

Actually, Tatacoa is not a desert, it is a semiarid dry tropical forest with an average of 1070 mm of rain per year, which makes it the second most arid area of ​​the country, after the Guajira, but with a completely different geomorphology to the first one.

It is a secluded place in the city, 4 km from Villavieja, very quiet and safe, which allows you to be in contact with nature, which is dominated by giant cacti and birds, having found 72 different species.

The accommodations consist of “estaderos” that offer both camping area and roofed areas with hammocks.

Due to the absence of light pollution, its clean and dry environment, and its proximity to the equator, it is a perfect place for stargazing. Each July, with a new moon, the Star Festival is celebrated, but any time of year is perfect to observe the sky.


Things you will find in our home at La Tatacoa Desert
Bike rental
The cheapest and most active way to get around the desert is by bike. Bikes are not necessary to visit the Labyrinth of Cusco, as it is right in front of our Estadero. However, to visit the viewpoint of Ventanas or Los Hoyos, you will need some kind of transport, having a few kilometers…
We offer sustainable and traditional food. We elaborate delicacies based on goat milk such as cheese, flan and yogurt and typical stews from the area such as “sancocho” and kid. For breakfast we have scrambled eggs, simple or parrots, accompanied by delicious “arepitas” of corn, bread with butter, coffee and chocolate. We also offer alternatives…
Hammocks are a perfect alternative to spend the night in the desert, when temperature drops and you can feel the breeze. We also offer camping area.
The Observatory managed by Javier Fernando Rua Restrepo has telescopes that allow you a perfect observation of the moon and stars. It is located 5 minutes by walk from the Estadero.

I felt at home in middle of the desert

It is a wonderful place to stay in the desert. Oscar, Diana and their three daughters take care of you with much affection. Diana will offer you delicious and homemade dishes, using her own goats and chickens. The hammocks are located in the back of the house, away from light and noise, a perfect place to rest. We rented their bikes to move through the desert, it was a good way to move around. I would definitely stay there again because we really fell in love with this family.
Sara Hernando Amado Spain