Bike rental

The cheapest and most active way to get around the desert is by bike. Bikes are not necessary to visit the Labyrinth of Cusco, as it is right in front of our Estadero. However, to visit the viewpoint of Ventanas or Los Hoyos, you will need some kind of transport, having a few kilometers…


We offer sustainable and traditional food. We elaborate delicacies based on goat milk such as cheese, flan and yogurt and typical stews from the area such as “sancocho” and kid. For breakfast we have scrambled eggs, simple or parrots, accompanied by delicious “arepitas” of corn, bread with butter, coffee and chocolate. We also offer alternatives…


Hammocks are a perfect alternative to spend the night in the desert, when temperature drops and you can feel the breeze. We also offer camping area.


The Observatory managed by Javier Fernando Rua Restrepo has telescopes that allow you a perfect observation of the moon and stars. It is located 5 minutes by walk from the Estadero.